Business as usual.

It’s hard to find the time to keep up with the updates.  It’s been a very busy year and we are very proud and honored to be a part of all of your project needs.  Thank you!  Below are samples of Foil, Fashion Feel Single color, Discharge, Cut & Sew, and photo B&W.



Heavy Hitters!

Although we are a small operation, we’re not too small.  Here are some of the heavy hitters that have made use of our print services.  Adobe, HP, and The Adam Carolla Show.

It’s been a while

Well friends, it’s been quite a while since our last post.  This has been a good thing!   We’ve been very busy here at Iconic Silkscreen.   We believe in a very efficient and streamlined approach to production.  What that means, is more shirts being pumped out and less time writing up  these silly things!  Anyways here is what we’ve been up to.  This is just the tip of the iceberg



Finishing up the week.  Thought I’d throw a few more in there for good measure.  If you like what you see comment.  We love hearing what you guys think of  our work!



You know,  it’s hard to decide which shirts to feature on here.  And I really try to get a pretty  wide variety of samples, but every once in a while a job comes by that just is all around fun, awesome, and super rewarding when completed.  These tough mudder shirts are as cool as the run its self.  In case you don’t know what a tough mudder is just type it into any image search and you’ll see how CRAZY! these things are!

I hope they don’t ruin the shirts too much, though, I’m sure they will 🙂

Skateboards, Gators, and Kingsman

The title pretty much says it all!   Here are a few jobs from this week that I’m especially proud of.  All 3 shirts are being used for the greater good.  They’re all raising money for underfunded charities.  Please if you get a chance check them out.  Kingsman, GaterMovement, and DC Shoes


Getting Dynamic! Silkscreen printing at it’s finest.

Had ourselves a nice quite weekend after such a busy week last week.   Here are a few of the jobs we completed.  A nice little 7 color, a over-sized discharge print , and a simple one color which was for a members only table tennis tournament (we think that’s pretty dope)  Besides those, we snuck in a few postcards, business cards, some stickers, and car magnets.

Big Rush Order!

2000 Pieces in 7 hours!   This was a fun project and these shirts looked amazing!  Times like this you really need to love what you do and well,  WE DO!  This is a perfect example of printing with pride.   There really isn’t much more that’s more rewarding than making something seemingly impossible happen for someone.  Thanks guys!